Working with the Connect Dropdown Panel

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You can connect a dropdown list element to a dataset to capture user input and store it in a collection or to display data from a collection.

If you are not already in the Connect Dropdown panel, select the dropdown and click the Connect to CMS icon to open it.
Connect a dataset
Select the dataset connected to the collection where you want to save the user input.

Value connects to
Select the text, number, or reference field in your collection where you want to store the value of the dropdown item your visitor selects. 
You'll need to add a submit button to your page to save user data to your collection.

Connect a List

Connecting dropdown list items to a field in your collection or to a reference field overrides the items you may have set in the element's Manage Dropdown List panel.
When you connect your dropdown to a reference field, this section is blank because the list of items comes from the Main field of your referenced collection.
Connect dropdown list items
Select this option to use the contents of a field in a collection as the labels and values for your list items. Once you select this, the following fields become available.
Connect a dataset
Select the dataset that has the field with the content you want to uses for your list items. This can be the same dataset that the dropdown is connected to already, or a different dataset that points to the collection that has the values you want to use.

Labels and values connect to
Select the field in the dataset whose content you want to use as both the labels and values for the items in your dropdown list. Your dropdown list labels and values will be generated from all the content of the selected field. (It's a good idea to make sure that that column has unique data
The Label is the text the user sees when they make their selection. The Value is the data that gets stored in your collection. You can set the label and value of your list items in the Manage Drop Down List panel, or you can use values from a collection. 

If you connect your dropdown list to a reference field, the list of items comes from the Main field of the referenced collection.
If you connect your list labels and values to a field in a collection, both the labels and values of each item will be the same. They cannot be set independently as you can in the Manage Drop Down List panel.

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