Manage Choices in Your Dropdown

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Each item in your dropdown list consists of a label and a value. The label of a list item is the text the user sees in the dropdown list, and the value is the data that gets stored in your collection. 

If you are not yet in the Manage Choices panel, select the dropdown and click Manage Choices to open it.

Hover over an item and click the show more icon to:

  • Create a duplicate of the item.
  • Edit the label of the item, which is the text that appears in the dropdown list.
  • Edit the value of the item, which is the value that gets stored in the collection. 
  • Delete the item from the list.

To reorder your list items:

  • Use the drag handle icon to drag your list item to a different spot in the list. 

To add list items:

  • To add one item, click Add a Choice.
  • To manage all your list items, click Add Multiple Choices. Add each item's label and value on their own row, separating them with a comma.
You can also have the item list be automatically created from values in a field in a collection. See Working with the Connect Dropdown List panel to learn how.

To configure dropdown settings:

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