Working with Grouped Payment Methods in Wix Payments

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Wix Payments can process a number of payment methods to fit your business needs. You can enable payment methods while creating your Wix Payments account, or enable / disable them at any other time that suits. 

Available Payment Methods in Wix Payments

With Wix Payments you can accept payments using various payment methods. Depending on your location, these include:
  • Credit / Debit cards
  • iDeal
  • Klarna Online Bank Transfer
  • Wix POS
  • BNPL payments
  • Tap to Pay on mobile
If payment methods are available in your location, you will see them on your Manage Wix Payments page.

Working with Grouped Payment Methods

We work with our payment provider partners to offer you a tailored payment processing solution. For this reason, if you have more than one payment method active in your Wix Payments account, payment methods can be grouped together, according to their provider partner.
Wix Payments may use the services of multiple provider partners so that you can offer a variety of payment methods to your customers. Having a greater number of payment methods allows your customers to pay in a way that suits them best.
Your payment method groups are automatically set according to your payment needs. There is no way to manually reorder them.

Scheduled and Sent Payouts in Grouped Payment Methods

If you have grouped payment methods in your Wix Payments account, both your scheduled payouts and sent payouts are organized according to their group. As a result, you may have several payouts scheduled or sent on the same date.
By hovering over the overview date, you can see a breakdown of which payouts are due on that date.

Negative Balance in Grouped Payment Methods

If you have a negative balance for a single payment method in Wix Payments, that negative balance applies to the whole payment method group, in which that payment method is grouped. To return to a positive balance, you will have to add funds to your Wix Payments account.
Funds from one group cannot be used to cover a shortfall from another group. For example, if you have a negative balance of -$100 for credit/debit card payments and a positive balance of +$50 for Point of sale payments, you'll still have to add funds of $100 to cover your credit/debit card negative balance.

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