Wix Stores: Tracking Sales with a Meta Conversion Pixel

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Meta Pixel allows you to track events on your site. Use them to help optimize the effectiveness of your advertising in relation to your sales. For example, you can use the information to promote products that visitors have previously viewed, searched for, or added to their cart. Learn More

Setting up Meta Pixel in Wix Stores

Before you can start tracking ads, you must first create a Facebook advertiser account and then add the Meta pixel to your Wix account.  

To set up a Meta Pixel:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account.
  2. Add the Meta pixel to your Wix account. Learn more
  3. Follow the instructions in the Custom Conversions section of this article to paste your thank you page URL into your Facebook Ads Manager. 
Your thank you page URL is your domain name followed by /thank-you-page. For example, if your site URL is www.mystunningwebsite.com, your thank you page URL is www.mystunningwebsite.com/thank-you-page.

Custom conversions

When an action occurs on your website, your Meta pixel logs it as an "event." Once the pixel is linked to Wix Stores, the following Standard Events will be automatically sent to your Facebook account:

  • When a site visitor has viewed a product page. 
  • When a site visitor has added a product to their cart.
  • When a site visitor has entered the checkout flow.
  • When a site visitor has completed a purchase on your site.
  • The total amount a site visitor has spent on a purchase from your site. 
Custom conversions are events on your site that you define on your own, based on your ad tracking needs. 

Custom audiences

Defining Custom Audiences allows you to show your Facebook ads to specific audiences, in order to increase your ads marketing effectiveness. Using custom audiences, you can display different ads to different types of audiences. For example, sporadic visitors who have never been to your site as opposed to visitors who have already expressed interest in your products and visit your site frequently.
Learn more about setting up Custom Audiences in Facebook Ads Help Center

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