Wix Stores: Setting Up Tax

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Set up tax collection for your store to make sure you comply with local tax laws. Start by learning more about which customers you need to collect tax from. After setup, customers will see how much tax they were charged at checkout.
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How to start setting up tax

Before you begin setting up taxes for your store, take the time to understand the regulations that apply to your business. This will help you avoid charging customers extra taxes or not collecting them when you need to.
Learn more about setting up tax.
Different tax rules apply in different regions. Consult with an accountant or your local tax authority for specific information relevant to your business.  

Tax calculation using the manual method

Wix offers you two methods of tax collection. You can set tax rates yourself using the manual method or automate tax collection with Avalara.
Using the manual method, you select the location(s) where you want to select tax (e.g. California) and then enter the tax rate yourself (e.g. 7.25% for California). If the rate changes, it's up to you to update it. 

Automatic tax calculation

Wix also offers automatic tax calculation through Avalara. You only need to select the location(s) where you want to collect tax and Avalara adds the right rate. When rates change, your tax updates automatically. 
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