Wix Stores: Setting Up Free Shipping

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Customers love not paying for shipping. Encourage shoppers to complete checkout by offering free shipping in your store.
Other free shipping options:
  • Offer a free shipping coupon. Learn How
  • Create a different shipping rule (e.g. Flat Rate) and offer free shipping to customers who purchase over a certain amount.

Step 1 | Create or Select a Shipping Region

To start, create the region the shipping rule applies to.
If you already created the shipping region, just select it and move on to step 2.
A region can be made of one or more countries. Alternatively, it can be made of one or more regions within a country. You can set up different shipping regions for your store. For example, a merchant might set up 4 shipping rules: a local shipping region for California, a region for the rest of the US, another for Mexico and Canada, and finally one for the rest of the world.
  • If there is no rule for a region, customers from that region cannot make store purchases.
  • If you previously set up shipping (and tax) in a merchant account (e.g. in PayPal), remove these settings before starting.
  • Can't find a shipping region you need? Contact us to let us know which region is missing. 

Step 2 | Set Up a Free Shipping Rule

Now that you've selected a region, it's time to set up the Free Shipping rule for that region.  

Step 3 | (Optional) Offer Local Delivery or Pickup Options

After saving your shipping rule, you can select the region again and add local delivery or pickup options. 
Want to learn more?
Check out the full Wix Learn course on getting started with Wix eCommerce. Skip to the fourth video to learn more about setting up shipping.

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