Wix Stores: Setting Up Dropshipping with Modalyst

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After connecting your store to Modalyst, you can set pricing and shipping rules and then start choosing the products you want to sell in your shop.
Choose from the hundreds of thousands of ready-to-sell products that Modalyst suppliers offer or create your own print on demand (POD) products.
A screenshot showing the Modalyst dashboard.
Wix now offers 2 ways to connect and add Modalyst products:
  • Add the Modalyst app: This article shows you how to choose products, customize, and manage dropshipping products on the Modalyst site. Read more below.
  • Wix dashboard: Add products suggested for your store. Pricing, shipping, and more are already set up. You can manage Modalyst products in the Wix dashboard.

Step 1 | Set up pricing

There are two ways to set product pricing in Modalyst:
With general pricing rules, the price automatically goes up or down when the supplier changes the price. When you override a product's price, it doesn't adjust automatically.

Step 2 | Set up shipping

Each supplier in Modalyst decides which regions they ship to. While searching for products, you can check out the shipping charges for popular destinations.
An animated gif showing how to add shipping charges on Modalyst.
For detailed shipping information, click More details, then scroll down and click the Shipping tab.
A screenshot showing the Shipping tab in the Modalyst app.
Note that suppliers' shipping rates do not automatically sync with your Wix store, so you'll need to create shipping rules in your Wix dashboard. 
You can charge for shipping or you might want to increase the product price so that it covers the shipping cost and then offer free shipping - the choice is yours. You can use the supplier's rates and destinations to help guide you.
To set shipping rules, head over to your Wix dashboard. Learn more about setting shipping rates

Step 3 | Add products to your Import List

Start looking for products you love. Click to add the ready-to-sell products to your Import List or start designing print on demand products. 
Make sure the products you select conform to Wix's terms of use.
Click below to learn how to add:
Products added to the Import List do not yet appear in your Wix store. 

Step 4 | Customize products and product options

Ready-to-sell products you selected and print on demand products you finished designing and saved appear in the Import List. There, you can customize a product's settings before you add it to your store.

To customize products and options:

  1. Go to the Modalyst dashboard.
  2. Click the Import List tab.
  3. Update settings in the General tab:
    • Edit the product name.
      Tip: Names can have up to 80 characters.
    • Select the category or categories in which you want the product to appear.
    • Edit the vendor name.
      Tip: Not visible to customers.
  4. Update text in the Description tab:
    • (Optional) Edit the product description. 
  5. Update settings in the Variants tab:
    Tip: All Modalyst products at least one product option.
    • Click a variant image, select the image connected to this variant, and click Save.
    • Edit the variant's SKU.
    • Update other variant descriptions.
    • Click the Add to store toggle next to a variant to hide it from your site.
  6. Update settings in the Pricing tab: You can override your general pricing settings.
  7. Update settings in the Media tab: Deselect the checkmarks on images you don't want to display.

Step 5 | Adding products to your Wix Store

Once you finish customizing a product, you can add it by clicking Add to Store. When you do, the product is added to your Products tab in your Wix dashboard and appears on your live site.
A screenshot showing how to add a product to your store.
If you prefer, rather than adding a product right after you customize it, you can later add multiple products at once.

To add multiple products to your stores:

  1. Depending on the products you want to add, follow the steps:
    • All products: 
      1. Click the arrow next to the number of product you have.
      2. Select all products or all products on the current page.
    • Individual products: Select the checkboxes next to products you want to add.
  2. Click Add to store.
    Tip: If this button isn't visible, click the Actions drop-down and select Add to store.
Products usually appear in your Wix Store as soon as you add them. Note that products with many images might take a few minutes before they are live.


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