Wix Stores: Creating a Facebook Shop

You already have customers visiting your Facebook business page. Why not make it easier for them to purchase your products by creating a Facebook shop?
On your shop page, customers can browse through your products, click to view more details, and then complete checkout on your site. When you make a sale through your Facebook shop page, your Wix Stores inventory updates automatically.
Before you begin:
Make sure you have done the following before creating a Facebook shop:
  1. Create store products. 
  2. Publish your site.
  3. Create a Facebook business page.  

To create a Facebook shop:

  1. Go to the Facebook tab in your site's dashboard. 
  2. Click Start Now.
  3. Log in to your Facebook account.
  4. Click Continue as [your name].
  5. Click OK.
  6. If you have more than one business page, click to select the page you want to connect and click Select Page.
  7. Click Accept terms.
    Note: Facebook reviews all of your products. This can take a few minutes or up to 48 hours, depending on how many products you have.
  8. If necessary, click Review Now at the top of the page to review and make changes to products that Facebook rejected. Learn more
Once your store is connected to your Facebook shop, any changes you make (e.g. creating a new product, changing the price of an existing product) update automatically in your Facebook shop.  
To access the Facebook Shop from your Wix dashboard, go to the Marketing Home and scroll down on the left.
You can add a "Shop Now" button to your Facebook page to direct visitors to your new store. Learn more

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