Wix SEO Setup Checklist: Pages Not Analyzed by the SEO Setup Checklist

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The Wix SEO Setup Checklist analyzes the visible pages of your site and gives you recommendations for optimizing your content. The SEO Setup Checklist can't analyze pages that you selected to not let search engines index for search results.
To get recommendations for pages like these in the SEO Setup Checklist, you'll need to allow search engines to index them.
The SEO Setup Checklist cannot analyze the content of any business solutions or features such as Wix Stores, the Wix Blog, or Wix Restaurants. For example, the content of your blog posts, or your product descriptions, are not analyzed and do not appear in your SEO plan.  

Step 1 | Enable search engine indexing for your page

First, you'll need to enable indexing for your page. Turning on this feature means that searches engines can crawl and index your page eligible to display in search results. 
Learn how to enable indexing in: 

Step 2 | Get recommendations in the SEO Setup Checklist

After you've updated your page, go back to the SEO Setup Checklist and follow the recommendations for optimizing your page. 
When you're done, you can optionally hide your pages from your site menu again and disable indexing by search engines for your page. 
The SEO Setup Checklist does analyze title tags and meta descriptions of business solutions or features.

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