Wix Retail POS: About Purchase Orders

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Simplify the process of ordering stock from your suppliers by handling purchase orders directly within the Wix dashboard. When you mark the stock as "Received," your inventory updates automatically.

Easily create purchase orders

You can include any of your existing products on your purchase order form. If you need to order a new product from the supplier or request a special order, you can add it as a custom product.
Once the order is ready, generate a PDF or email and send it to your supplier, or place the order directly through your supplier's own ordering system.
Screenshot of the page where you create a new purchase order

Check received stock and update inventory

There's no need to manually check the stock you received and then update your inventory separately. As soon as you mark an item as received (or partially received) and click "Update Inventory," your inventory automatically adjusts to reflect the new stock levels.
Screenshot is the receive inventory page for Wix purchase orders

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