Wix Restaurants: Exporting Online Orders

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Get information about previous orders by exporting your orders to a CSV file. You can open the exported file in Excel (PC) or Numbers (Mac) or any other spreadsheet software.

To export your restaurant orders:

  1. Go to Orders in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click More at the top right and select Export.
  3. Select a time option from the Received drop-down list.
  4. (Optional) Click Show export options and select the checkboxes next to the details you want to include in the export:
    • Customer details: Name, phone, email, and delivery address. 
    • Financial information: Subtotal, discounts, tax, tip, payment details.
    • Ordered dishes: Dish titles and counts.
  5. Click Export
  6. Click Download CSV.
  7. Save the file to your computer:
    • Chrome: The .csv file downloads and appears on the bottom of your screen. 
    • Firefox: Select Open with to open or Save File to save.
    • Internet Explorer: Click Save at the bottom of your screen. 
    • Safari: Click cmd + s on your keyboard to save the file (with a .csv extension, and Page Source format). 
The exported file includes the dish name, quantity, and dish options (e.g. pizza toppings). 

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