Wix Proposals by Prospero: Adding and Setting up Proposals

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Wix Proposals by Prospero helps you win clients with professional proposals. You can create a proposal from scratch or choose from several professionally designed templates.
You also set the payment terms and the payment schedule. Once your clients accept the proposal, you then send invoices automatically according to the agreed schedule. You can also choose to send the invoices manually, if you prefer. 
  • You must upgrade your site to a plan that supports payments in order to send proposals. 
  • You must set up a payment method to send proposals. 
  • Any proposals you previously created using Prospero’s app do not transfer to Wix Proposals.

Step 1 | Create a proposal

Once you have given Prospero permission to access your site, you can start creating your proposals. Follow the steps below to create your proposal from scratch. The steps for creating proposals using templates are in the next section. 

To create and customize your proposal:

  1. Go to Proposals in your site's dashboard. 
  2. Click Create Proposal under General information.
  3. (First time only) Click Agree & Add to accept the terms in the popup. 
  4. Enter the proposal Title
  5. Click the Customer drop-down and select an existing client or click + Add Contact to add a new one. 
  6. Click to select the Proposal expiry date
  7. Choose from the following options:
8.  Select the relevant option under Payment settings:
9.  Enable automated invoices: Enable the toggle to issue invoices to the client by email on the dates you defined in step 7. 
10. Click Next at the top. 
11. Hover over the relevant template and click Use template

Step 2 | Customize your proposal

Once you have chosen your preferred template, you can begin customizing it to suit the project, and your company's style and branding. Most proposal templates consist of the following sections, though there may be others: Cover, Cost, Payment Schedule, Terms, and Signature
Within each of these sections, you can click any element (e.g. text, button, table, or image) to customize it. You can also drag and drop any additional items from the elements tab on the right. 
Learn more about customizing your Proposals in Prospero's help center.  
Note: Some Prospero capabilities may differ on Wix.
Click the More Actions icon  at the top, to save your changes. You can come back and edit the proposal at any time. 

Step 3 | Preview, save and share your proposal

When you finish customizing your proposal, you can then preview, save, and share it with your client once you're ready.
Click the More Actions icon  at the top, to save your changes. You can come back and edit the proposal at any time.

To preview, save, and share your proposal:

  1. Click Preview when you finish customizing your proposal.
    Tip: Click Desktop and Mobile at the top to preview how your proposal will look on both types of devices. 
  2. Click Share at the top and choose the relevant option:
    • Copy Link URL: Click Copy Proposal link to share the link manually, via messaging platform, for example. 
    • Send via email: Click Send Proposal
    • Save as a template for future use: Click to save and reuse the proposal as a template. Learn more about saving your proposals as templates. 
A screenshot showing how to share your proposal.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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