Wix Photo Albums: Upgrading Your Photo Albums Storage

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Wix Photography allows you to showcase your work to visitors of your site. You can upload your photos and display them in photo albums. Depending on how many photos you have to show off, you can upgrade and increase your photo albums' storage. 
Add Photo Albums to your site to be able to purchase more storage on a free or Premium/Studio plan. 

Upgrading your photo albums storage

If you're approaching your storage limit, you'll see a Get more storage link at the top of your Photo Albums page.

There are 3 different options to increase your storage in Photo Albums. Choose a package that works best for you.
A screenshot of the link to get more storage at the top of a Photo Albums page.

To upgrade your storage:

  1. Go to Photo Albums in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Get extra storage at the top.
    Note: You will only see this message if you are approaching your storage limit.
  3. Select the storage plan you wish to add to your site. 
Once you've purchased a new storage plan, your storage is automatically added to your Photo Albums storage quota. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Click a question to learn more about upgrading your storage with Photo Albums. 

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