Wix Music: Allowing Fans to Download Your Music

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Control the download options for your music from the Music Library in your dashboard. You can let your visitors download an entire album, a single, or a specific track from an album, single or playlist. You can also set a price or make your music available for free.
Additionally, you can choose to only allow downloads for visitors who enter their email address.
  • The download link in the email is active for three days only. This is for your protection to prevent pirating.
  • If the music is not downloaded within the three day time period, you cannot resend the link.
  • FLAC is only offered if a FLAC, MP4A, or WAV version was uploaded.
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Currently, it is not possible to allow fans to download an entire playlist.

Allowing your fans to download your music

Customize the download options on your site for your fans. Decide whether you want to offer your music for free, a fixed price or let fans choose the price.

To set your download options:

  1. Go to Music Library in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the relevant album/single.
  3. Click Edit in the Info section.
    Note: For a track within an album, hover over the track and click the Edit Track Info  icon.
Image of track within an album selected
  1. Scroll down to Sale and Download Options on Your Site.
  2. Click the Download Options drop-down and select an option:
    • Sell for a fixed price: Set a price for your album in your desired currency.
    • Free download: Visitors can download your album for free. 
    • No downloads: Your album cannot be downloaded. 
    • Let fans name their price: Your fans can choose how much they want to pay for your album. You can set a minimum album price under Album Price.
    • Require email for download: Your fans need to subscribe to your mailing list to download your album.
  3. (Optional for Albums and Singles) Click on Add an Item to add a bonus item for your fans when they download your music. It can be an image or doc up to 15MB in size.
Image of Sale and Download options.
Track your analytics:
You can track all your analytics related to Wix Music (including download statistics) using Wix Analytics Reports.


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