Wix Mobile Apps: Setting Viewing Permissions for Your Members

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Your site on the member apps includes various screens that keep your content organized (e.g. Home, Events, Classes, etc.). Members use the navigation menu at the top to browse through your screens.
You can set permissions for each screen, so that only those members with specific badges or pricing plans can access them.
A screenshot of the screens in your navigation menu.
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Setting viewing permissions for your screens

Decide who can view each screen on the Wix member apps. Give exclusive access to certain members with specific badges or pricing plans. For example, you can restrict a screen that features a special event or a private sale.

To set viewing permissions:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage at the bottom.
  3. Tap Site & App.
  4. Tap Customize under Mobile Apps.  
    Note: If you haven't set up the mobile app your members will use, tap the drop-down under Mobile Apps then choose your preferred members app.
  5. Tap Screens
A screenshot of the Screens tab after you tap Customize under Mobile App.
  1. Tap the More Actions icon next to the relevant screen.
  2. Tap Set screen permissions.
  3. Select who can view this screen:
    • All Members: All members that visit your site have screen access.
    • Members with Badges: Choose which badge holders can access the screen, or tap Create New Badge to create a new badge.
    • Members with Pricing Plans: Choose which Pricing Plan holders can access the screen, or tap Create New Plan to create a new plan.


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