Wix Media: Sharing Promotional Videos Using Wix Video Maker

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A video is a great way to reach potential customers across social platforms. With Wix Video Maker you can create custom promotional videos to promote your business, highlight what's new on your site, celebrate milestones and announce sales. 
If you have not yet created your video, click here to learn how. 
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To share your promotional video on social platforms:

  1. Create your video using Wix Video Maker
  2. Click Save & Share.
  3. Click Share.
  4. You'll see the social media platforms you can publish your video to. Click Connect below a channel icon to connect your unconnected channel to your Wix account.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Customize your post content.
  7. Publish your post.

Avoiding copyright issues

Wix works with Magisto to ensure that any videos created with Wix Video Maker are whitelisted. Whitelisting gives some companies, such as Magisto, the permission to access certain files, services etc. Whitelisting releases any copyright and monetization claims from the file. To avoid any copyright issues, make sure to share your video using the Share feature described above. Downloading and uploading the video manually will not protect you from copyright.

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