Wix Media: Resuming the Upload of Large Video Files in the Wix Media Manager

1 min read
Uploading video files larger than 100Mb to your Media Manager can take some time to complete. 
If there is a problem while uploading video files larger than 100MB (e.g. internet connection issues), your upload is paused. The upload then resumes automatically once the issue is resolved. 
You also have the option to manually pause an upload and resume it at a later time if necessary.

To manually pause and resume an upload:

  1. Click the Cancel Upload icon  in the Upload pop-up to pause it.
  2. Click Resume in the same Upload pop-up to resume it.
  • If you close your browser tab while uploading a file, the upload cancels itself, and you will have to upload the file anew.
  • Only uploads of video files larger than 100Mb can be automatically / manually resumed. You will have to restart the upload of video files smaller than 100Mb (and all other file types) if an error occurs while uploading.

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