Wix Media: Creating a Promotional Video for Your Site

2 min read
Promotional marketing videos are a powerful way to spread brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. 
Wix makes it easy to create and share professional promo videos for your site using Wix Video Maker. You can display them on your site or share them on social media and email campaigns.

To create a promotional video for your site:

  1. Go to Social Media Marketing in your site's dashboard.
  2. Choose how you want to create your video:
    • Using a template:
      1. Scroll down to the Explore all templates section.
      2. Click Video to view all video templates.
      3. Hover over the templates to view previews and click the one you'd like to edit.
      4. Click Customize Video.
    • From scratch:
      1. Click Create New at the top right.
      2. Click Landscape, Portrait or Square, depending on the orientation you'd like your video to be.
  3. Customize your video.
4.  Click Save & Share to download a your video in high definition to your computer, or share it on Facebook or YouTube, or click Back to Editing to make changes to the video.

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