Wix Logo: Creating a Logo in the Wix Owner App

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Elevate your brand and create a logo on the go directly from the Wix Owner App. Design and purchase your logo in one fluid process.
It is currently only possible to access the Logo Maker and create a logo on the Owner App from an Android device. It is not possible to do so from an iOS device.

Step 1 | Access the Logo Maker in the Owner App

To begin working on your logo, open the Logo Maker in your app under the app's Branding & Marketing section.

After opening the Logo Maker in the app, you will need to add your business details and define your style, then choose from a wide range of automatically generated logos. These are created for you based on the information you've previously entered. If necessary, you can edit the business name, tagline, and icon.

After choosing a logo design that you like, you can customize your logo's finer details. Personalize the color palette, text design, and background of your logo, and even add additional icons.
Click an option below to learn how to customize it:
Preview your logo at any point during the design process to get an idea of how your logo will look in different scenarios.

Once you're happy with the final design of your logo, it's time to purchase a Wix Logo Plan. Choose from a Basic or Advanced logo plan.
Logo + Website plans are only available for purchase from your Logo Maker account on a mobile or desktop browser, and not from the Wix Owner App.

Step 5 | Create a Branded Site

Once you're happy with your purchased logo design, you can create a branded website based on that logo's style, directly from the Owner App. Then head over to your Logo Maker account on desktop to edit your site. 
You can create a branded website from a saved or purchased logo design.

Managing Your Logos

Currently, to view, edit, or download a logo that you have saved or purchased in the Wix Owner App, you must first go through the flow of creating a new logo.

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