Wix Logo: Uploading Your Own Images to the Wix Logo Maker

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Create a truly unique logo by adding your own images to your logo design. You can customize your image's size, position, and shadows, while also having the option to fully overhaul your image using the Wix Photo Studio, without leaving the Logo Maker.
A screenshot of a logo with an uploaded image added to it.
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Uploading your image

First, upload your image to your logo from your Media Manager. You can upload images directly from your computer or connect to a social network such as Facebook, Instagram or Google Drive.
Before you begin:
We recommend you consult the FAQs in this article to learn more about getting the best results from your images before you upload. 

To upload an image to your logo:

  1. Click the Upload icon  on the left of the logo editor.
  2. Click Upload Image.
  3. Upload an image or select an image from your Site Files.
    1. Upload an image: 
      1. Click + Upload Media.
      2. Select the location you want to upload your image from (from your computer or a social network).
      3. Click the image(s) you want to upload.
      4. Click Upload Selection.
      5. Click Add to Logo.
    2. Use a site file:
      1. Select the image you want to add to your logo.
      2. Click Add to Logo.
A screenshot of the Uploads panel in the Logo Maker.

Customizing your image

Next, it's time to customize your logo image. You can customize the size, position, opacity and more of your image from the Customize Image panel directly inside the Logo Maker, or, you can head over to the Wix Photo Studio to add filters and overlays, crop and cut out sections, and even add decorations to your image.
Edit your image using the Wix Photo Studio prior to making changes to your image in the Customize Image panel. Edits made to your image in the Photo Studio are saved as a new image, and need to be uploaded again to your logo.
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