Wix Forum: Adding Captions, Alt Text, and Links to Forum Images

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You or your forum members can add image captions and metadata. You can also turn an image into a link.
Forum admins cannot customize images uploaded by other forum members.

To customize image settings:

  1. Go to the forum in your live site.
  2. Click the More Actions icon  next to the relevant post. 
  3. Click Edit Post.
  4. Click the image in the post.
  5. Click the Settings icon .
  6. Enter a caption in the Image Caption field.
  7. Enter alt text in the Alt text field.
  8. Enter a web address (URL) in the Link field.
  9. Enable or disable the Spoiler alert toggle.
  10. Click Save.
An image showing the settings for images in your Wix Forum.

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