Wix Events: Customizing the Event List Design

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Display your events with beautiful, eye-catching designs that entice site visitors to register. There are lots of possibilities available, so have fun playing around to find the perfect look.
In this article, learn how to:
The available customization options depend on your selections in different tabs of the Settings panel. 

Choose a one-event or multiple-events display

Your design options vary depending on whether you choose to display one event or multiple events. Go to the Display Events tab to make a selection, then choose the specific event or events you want to display. 
Editor X users:
To display a single event on Editor X, use the Select Manually option to choose a single event to display. Single event layout options are not currently available in Editor X. 

Select a layout

Next, in the Layout tab, you can select your favorite layout. If you are displaying a single event, you can choose between the full or button layout (not currently available in Editor X). 
For the multiple event option, there are 4 layouts to choose from. Each layout comes with it's own custom design options. Learn more about layout options.

Choose the elements you want to show

In the Display tab, you can select which elements you want to show or hide. When you choose not to display an element, such as the "Event List title", the design options for that element are removed from the Design tab. 

Design your site

Now that you have finished making selections in the Display Events, Layout, and Display tabs, you can go to the Design tab to customize the fonts, backgrounds, button, and more. 
Go to the Text tab to edit the default button text for RSVP events, ticketed events, or events that require no registration. 

Customize for mobile

To customize how your event list looks on mobile, click Switch to Mobile at the top of the Editor. There, you can click Wix Events and Settings to access mobile customization options.
Mobile customizations are not relevant for Editor X users.

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