Wix Editor: Visitors Ability to Download and Print Images from Your Site

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For most galleries, visitors are unable to right-click and save images. However, depending on the browser*, visitors may be able to right-click and save stand-alone images.

*This is not a Wix feature, it is dependent on the browser functionality.

In order to prevent visitors from being able to right-click and save images from your site, you can use the Right Click Protect app.

  • This app does not provide 100% protection as visitors can still use the print screen function to copy an image, or access the images through your site's source code (if they know how).
  • This app does not provide protection for third-party apps. For example, if you add images to a third-party gallery app, visitors might still be able to right-click download, if the gallery app allows this function.


Another form of protection against the downloading or printing of images on your site would be for you to watermark your images before uploading them. You can find some great tips on adding watermarks, using an external photo editing program, in the following Wix Blog Post: How to Easily Watermark and Protect Your Images

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