Wix Editor: Using the Editor Tools

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The Wix Editor offers several built-in tools to make your design process faster and more precise. You can find these features in the Tools panel at the top right of the Editor.
A close up screenshot showing the tools panel in the Wix Editor.
In this article, learn how to use the:

Using the Editor Toolbar

The Editor Toolbar helps you perform basic actions quickly. Use it to copy, paste, duplicate or delete elements on your page. You can also adjust element settings such as size, position and alignment
After enabling the Toolbar from the Tools panel, you'll find it on the right side of the Editor.

To enable the Toolbar:

  1. Click Tools  on the top right of the Editor.
  2. Select the Toolbar checkbox.
The tools panel in the Editor. The toolbar check box has been selected, and the toolbar itself is highlighted.
  • Re-position the Editor Toolbar to your convenience by dragging and dropping it anywhere on your page.
  • You can hide / show the Toolbar and Editor menus (such as the left and top menus) by clicking the Hide Controls arrow  at the top of the Editor. Learn more about the Hide Controls feature

Using the Layers panel

The Layers panel shows you all of the elements on your page. The panel is divided by the main parts of your page (header, page and footer) so you can easily find the elements you need.
After enabling the Layers panel, it appears as a floating panel you can drag anywhere inside the Editor. You can enable it by clicking the Layers icon at the bottom left of the Editor.
The layers panel in the Editor. The icon has been highlighted.

Using the horizontal and vertical rulers

Using the horizontal and vertical rulers, you can accurately place elements on your site. Position your elements in specific locations (in pixels) and add guides to help you mark these spots. 
After enabling Rulers from the Tools panel, you can see the horizontal ruler along the top and the vertical ruler on the right side. 

To enable the rulers:

  1. Click Tools  on the top right of the Editor.
  2. Select the Rulers checkbox.
The tools panel. The Rulers box has been selected, and the rulers are highlighted.

Using gridlines

Gridlines are the dotted lines inside your Editor that can help you build your site's layout correctly. The vertical gridlines are especially useful, as they show your page's maximum width on tablets and smaller devices. 
Use the gridlines to ensure your content is visible on every possible screen size. Depending on your needs, you can enable and disable them at any point. Learn more about the Editor gridlines

To enable gridlines:

  1. Click Tools  on the top right of the Editor.
  2. Select the Gridlines checkbox.
The gridlines in the Wix Editor. The lines are highlighted.

Using the Snap to Objects tool

The Snap to Objects tool helps you attach elements to one another with complete accuracy. 
Once you drag an element, purple lines appear in order to mark the borders of other elements on that page. When you decide to drop the element you're dragging, it "snaps" to these markers within a 5 pixel range.

To enable Snap to Objects:

  1. Click Tools  on the top right of the Editor.
  2. Select the Snap to Objects checkbox.
A GIF showing the snap to objects tool being used in the Editor.

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