Wix Editor: Update About Facebook Like and Comment Elements

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You may notice that Facebook Like and Comment elements are not visible to you or some visitors on your live site.
A section of a live Wix site showing the Facebook Like button and Comments box.
In July 2021, Facebook changed their policy regarding the Facebook Like button for Web in the EU. Both the Facebook Like button and the Facebook Comments box have been affected by this change.
As a result of the update, visitors can only see Facebook Like buttons and Comment boxes if they are logged in to their Facebook account on the same device (either another tab or window). If they are not logged in to their Facebook account, the element is not displayed on your site. 
This change applies to visitors viewing your site from the EU only, and does not affect the visiblity of the elements in other regions. Learn more about the update
Please note that as this is a change implemented by Facebook, our support team are unable to assist you in rectifying this issue.

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