Wix Editor: Site Displays as a Thin Vertical Strip on Mobile Devices

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You may notice that your site appears as a thin vertical strip on mobile devices, as shown in the example image below.
A Wix site on a mobile device. The site is a thin vertical strip which doesn't fill the full screen.
Sites with this issue are likely improperly connected to a domain. Incorrect domain connection specifically by masking, redirecting, or framing a free Wix URL is not supported.
In addition, masking, redirecting/forwarding, or framing a free Wix URL is not advisable for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engine crawlers won't associate your site's content with your domain when framing or masking the site.
To guarantee the integrity of your site's design, layout, and SEO, you must properly connect your domain to Wix. Learn more about connecting your domain to your Wix site
  • It may take up to 48 hours for the domain record changes to take effect. Learn more about domain propagation
  • If 48 hours have passed since you connected your domain to your Wix site and you're still unable to access your site via your domain, use our Domain Troubleshooter to find out if there is a connection problem.

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