Wix Pro Gallery: Customizing Video Settings

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The Wix Pro Gallery is not just for images, you can also add videos to your Pro Gallery. You can customize the video settings to make them play on hover, play on loop, and change the play speed. You can also add a play button to your videos so that visitors can play them in their own time. 
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Customizing your video settings

Make the videos in your gallery behave exactly how you want by customizing their settings from the Advanced tab.

To customize your video settings:

  1. Click your Pro Gallery in the Editor.
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the Advanced tab. 
  4. Customize the following options:
    • Play Videos: Click the drop-down to choose how to play your videos: On hover, Autoplay or On click.
    • Play with sound: Click the toggle to enable or disable the sound on your video:
      • Enabled: Videos play with sound in the gallery view.
      • Disabled: Videos are muted in the gallery view.
        Note: Your videos always play with sound in expand mode.
    • Play speed: Click the drop-down to choose the playback speed. 
    • Loop videos: Click the toggle to change the video's loop settings:
      • Enabled: Videos play continuously in a loop.
      • Disabled: Videos only play once and stop playing after they end.
    • Show play button: Click the toggle to enable or disable a play button on your video(s):
      • Enabled: A play button is shown on your video. 
      • Disabled: A play button is not shown on your video.
A screenshot of the Wix Pro Gallery Video Settings.
Setting your videos to autoplay and play in a loop will make only the first video in your gallery with these settings play continuously, and the rest of the videos will not play.

Autoplay policies for browsers supported by Wix

Wix currently supports 4 browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari for Mac and Microsoft Edge). The following are the most up-to-date autoplay policies which apply to all 4 browsers. Click an option to learn more:


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