Wix Editor: Adding and Setting Up a Social Bar on Your Mobile Site

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Adding a social bar to your mobile site can help you gain followers on all your social media accounts and expand your online presence. Social bars allow visitors to keep up to date with you and your brand on social media, straight from their mobile devices.
This is a mobile-only element, which means it does not appear in the desktop version of your site. Alternatively, you can use the same social bar element from your desktop site on your mobile site

Step 1 | Add a social bar to your mobile site

Add a social bar to begin encouraging your visitors to subscribe to you on social media. There are a variety options to choose from, including different color and icon options. You can also customize and adjust the bar to match your site's look and theme.

Step 2 | Customize the design of your social bar

Change your social bar icons to suit your site's theme and look. You can use free media available from Wix, stock images from Shutterstock or Unsplash, or upload your own.

Step 3 | Connect your social media accounts

Link the icons to the relevant social media accounts to encourage your visitors to see more of you and your brand's content. Connecting your accounts allows your visitors to subscribe, add, or follow you in a few easy clicks.

Step 4 | Adjust the layout of your social bar

Change the layout of your social bar to suit your site's alignment. You can change settings such as the spacing, and the direction.

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