Wix Coupons Terms and Conditions

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The Wix Coupon (“Coupon”) is the property of Wix.com Ltd. (“Wix”) and is subject to the following terms and conditions, as well as to the Wix Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time, as applicable: 
(i) Coupons can be redeemed upon your first purchase of any yearly Wix Premium Plans applicable to websites only as available on the Wix site  (the "Applicable Premium Packages"); 
(ii) The Coupon grants a discount of ten percent (10%) on the price of the yearly Applicable Premium Package selected, as published on the Wix.com site on the date of purchase for which the Coupon is used; 
(iii) The Coupon can be redeemed by entering the Coupon code stated in connection to the Coupon, at the time of purchase; 
(iv) The Coupon is redeemable immediately and/or up until date given at time of provision of the coupon (“Expiration Date”). Wix is not responsible for any Coupons not redeemed by the Expiration Date. Failure to use a Coupon by the Expiration Date shall result in the forfeiture of such Coupon; (v) Coupon code may be used only once; 
(vi) Coupons may not be redeemed for any Wix services and products other than your first purchase of an yearly Applicable Premium Packages, nor otherwise for any previous purchases, online orders, special orders or gift cards. A Coupon cannot be used to pay for taxes, shipping and handling fees or other applicable ancillary charges which may result from your purchase using the Coupon code; 
(vii) No cash value, credit or change will be given for this Coupon; 
(viii) The Coupon discount is applicable for the first subscription cycle using the Coupon only. Following the expiration of the first subscription cycle using the Coupon, the applicable terms specified in the Wix website in connection with prices, charges and other relevant information will apply. Applicable Premium Packages Terms and Conditions apply; 
(ix) The Coupon holder is responsible for any applicable sales tax; 
(x) Coupons may not be combined with any other coupon or discount, promotion or sale available to Coupon holder. Coupon holder may use one Coupon only per purchase at Wix.com; 
(xi) Coupon holder is the sole responsible for the lawful use of the Coupon. In any event of fraud, misrepresentation, impersonation or any abuse or violation of these terms and conditions, or of the Wix Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, Wix reserves the right to take any or all available legal or administrative actions, without prejudice to any other remedies available to it under applicable law; 
(xii) Other applicable restrictions and exclusions may apply. Coupons are void where prohibited by applicable law.

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