Wix Bookings: Managing Your Members Using the Wix Owner App

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Your members are the heart of your business. With the Wix Owner app, you can manage your members and communicate with them on the go. You can also book them in for sessions, or upgrade them to one of your membership plans - so that you never miss an opportunity to grow your business.
If you have contacts that are not yet members of your site, you can send them an invite to download your preferred Wix member app (Spaces by Wix or Fit by Wix) so that they can receive a better, and more personalized experience. 
Contacts vs members:
In your Wix Owner app, all members are contacts, but not all contacts are members. The difference can be explained like this:
  • Contacts: Your contact list contains anyone who interacted with your business (e.g. wrote you an email, booked a session, or chatted with you).
  • Members: These people may have joined your site on a Wix member app, or signed up on your site. 

Access your contacts

The contact list is a useful way to access your contacts' information on the go, including their personal details, bookings, subscriptions and more. Maintain closer relationships with your members, provide a more personalized service and never miss an opportunity to delight those who engage with your business. 
Tap one of your existing contacts to view their contact card, or tap the  icon to add a new contact.
For quick access to your contact list, tap Contacts under Shortcuts in your dashboard. 

Invite clients to join your site on the member apps

Invite a contact to download your preferred Wix member app (Spaces by Wix or Fit by Wix), so they can quickly book their next sessions directly from their phones.
The member apps make it easier for your members to keep track of their bookings, update their membership plans and stay in touch with your business. 

Book services for your members

From a member's contact card, you can book them in for sessions with just a few taps, streamlining the booking process and keeping your calendar as full as possible at all times. 

Stay in touch with your members

The Wix Owner app makes it easy to provide great customer service and stay in touch with your members, no matter how busy you are - all you need is your phone. 
You can chat with them via Inbox, make a quick call to update them about their sessions, or send an email or SMS to follow up on any questions they ask.

Sell your membership plans and packages

Sell your membership plans and packages to your members directly from your phone using the Wix Owner app.
Not only do these subscriptions  improve your member commitment and loyalty to your business, but it can also help your members save money as they engage more with your services.

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