Wix Bookings: Deleting a Service

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Stay organized by deleting services that you no longer want to offer.
  • Deleting a class service removes all its future sessions from your Bookings calendar and site. To avoid losing upcoming bookings, you can make it unbookable instead. Learn how
  • Disconnecting Wix Bookings from Google Calendar, or deleting your site, does not remove the services from Google Calendar. To remove a service from Google Calendar, you must delete the service, as described below.

To delete a service:

  1. Go to Booking Services in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the More Actions icon on the relevant service. 
  3. Click Delete.  
  4. Do one of the following: 
    • For Appointments: Click Delete to confirm.
    • For Classes or Courses:  
      1. (Optional) Check the Notify participants with an email checkbox to send an email to your clients.
      2. Click Delete to confirm.

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