Wix Art Store: Withdrawing Your Earnings in the Wix Art Store

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Wix Art Store is currently not available to all users. As of October 2022 it is no longer possible to add the Wix Art Store to your site. Alternatively, you can add Wix Stores to your site and connect it to Printful to sell your art.
How you withdraw your earnings from your art sales depends on what type of files you sell in your store. 
I'm selling:

Selling Digital and Prints

If you sell digital and print images, the images are sold through a third-party service, Order a Print and not through Wix. You can withdraw your earnings at any time on the Withdrawals tab of Wix Art Store, all you need is a PayPal account.
To learn how to withdraw your earnings, click here.
It may take up to 5 days for your earnings to appear in your PayPal account after withdrawing them.

Selling Digital Files Only

If you only sell digital files in your Art Store, the revenue for each sale will go straight to the account that is set up to receive payments.

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