Wix Analytics: Understanding the Insights Page

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The Insights page in your site's dashboard can help you uncover key insights within your site data, empowering you to make impactful, well-informed business choices. Using this page, you can see the opportunities we've identified, general trends and potential areas of risk. 
The insights on this page are based on visitor activity over the last 30 days. To see data on this page, your site must receive at least 50 visitors in the last 30 days.

Explore different categories to make well-informed business decisions

The Insights page is divided into distinct categories, for your convenience. Explore these tabs to gain further understanding of key data.  
  • Attention required: See what areas need your attention most at a glance. The Insights page gathers information and lets you know which areas need the most attention. For example, if your site sees a major decrease in traffic from Facebook, you might want to consider advertising on social media.
  • Growth opportunities: Discover fresh opportunities to take your site to new heights. Insights identify opportunities across your site that you should note and capitalize on. For example, many site visitors might be visiting a specific product page in your online store. Consider adding an incentive to buy.
  • Trends: Trends draw your attention to other things to take note of that don't appear in the other two categories. See changes in stats, and compare your site with others in the same category.

Get personalized suggestions on how to improve your business

Alongside the insights on this page, you get tailored suggestions for your site, based on successful strategies used by similar sites. View suggestions about increasing traffic, sales and more.
These data-driven recommendations are crafted with your business in mind. View offered suggestions by category or collectively and unlock your site's maximum potential with ease.

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