Velo: Connecting Site Events to Google Operations (formerly Stackdriver)

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Velo's site logs (formerly Site Monitoring) feature lets you easily integrate with Google Operations, an external monitoring tool that performs log analysis. This tool allows you to extract meaningful insights from your site events.

Monitoring with Operations

The following are some of the features available for Wix sites with Operations: 
  • Log analysis: Stream, search, and analyze log data in real time.
  • Log routing: Filter log data and store it in the cloud.
  • Error reporting: Track errors in real-time or sort and filter aggregated error data.

Connect to Operations

To connect your Wix site events to Google Operations:
  1. Make sure Velo Dev Mode is enabled for your site.
  2. Add console methods to your frontend and/or backend code. Learn more.
  3. Select Developer Tools in the Velo Sidebar.
  4. Under the Logs section, select Google Operations.

  1. Click Connect
  2. Select a Google account for signing in to Operations.
    Your site is now connected to Operations.
  3. Reload your site and generate a site event.
  4. Back in the dashboard, click Open Operations.
    Operations' Logs Explorer opens, displaying a list of generated logs and errors from your site.
  1. Click a log to view log data.

    For a detailed description of available log data for Wix site events, click here.
  2. Explore Operations' assortment of features for analyzing your site events and gaining additional insights.

Disconnect Operations

Disconnecting Operations from your site does not affect the data currently stored in your Operations account. You can reconnect to Operations at any time.
To disconnect your Wix site events from Google Operations:
  1. In your site's dashboard, select Developer Tools.
  2. Select Logs.
  3. In Operations, click Open.

  4. On the top right of the Operations panel, click Disconnect.
  5. In Disconnect Integration, click Disconnect.
    Wix site events are no longer sent to your Operations account.
Learn more
  • To learn how to generate logs for your site, click here.
  • To learn how to view site events directly in your site's dashboard, click here.

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