Using Pinterest Rich Pins with Your Wix Site

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Rich Pins are Pinterest pins which show additional info when you view them on Pinterest. They are generally used for:
  • Product pages: These pins may include the product name, price, and availability.
  • Blog posts: These pins may include the post's title, author, and a brief description.
  • Recipes: These pins may include the ingredients and basic directions.
This info is taken from the metadata included with the pinned page. Wix automatically adds this metadata for your Wix Stores product pages and Wix Blog posts, so it automatically appears when you pin a post to Pinterest. You can view it under the page type's SEO Settings.
For any other page on your Wix site (including Recipe pages), you'll need to add the metadata to the page manually as additional meta tags. 
Make sure to check Pinterest's guidelines on how this metadata should be written. Learn More

To add additional meta tags to a page:

  1. Go to your page's SEO Settings:
2.  Click the Advanced SEO tab. 
3.  Click + Add New Tag under Meta Tags

4.  Add your meta tag code in the HTML Code field. 
5.  Click Apply.  

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