Using Benchmarks to Measure and Compare Your Site

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Wix Analytics Benchmarks shows your site performance by comparing your traffic and sales stats to similar sites. Use benchmarks to understand your site's strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas for improvement. For example, if your organic traffic percentage is low, you may need to optimize your site's SEO.
You can find the Benchmarks page under Analytics in your site's dashboard.
View your Benchmarks.
A screenshot of the Benchmarks page in Wix Analytics.
Benchmarks data is only available for sites that have received 30 or more visitors in the last 30 days.

Key stats comparison table

Your Key Stats comparison table shows a selection of your traffic and sales stats, and how they compare to similar sites. If there isn't sufficient data available for your country, your site's data is compared to similar sites worldwide. An explanation of each comparison can be found by clicking the arrow next to it.

Changing the site category

A site category is preselected for most sites. You can choose the category if it hasn't been preselected, or change category if another one is better suited to your site.

To change the category:

  1. Click Choose Category 
  2. Select a category for your site.

If your site category has been preselected and is incorrect:

  1. Click Change Category.
  2. Select the correct category for your site.

Competition radar chart

Your competition radar chart is a visualization of your benchmarks. The center point of the chart is 0%, working outwards to 100%. Your site's percentage for each benchmark determines how full the chart appears. 

An explanation of each percentage can be found by clicking the corresponding point on the radar. 
A screenshot of the competition radar chart

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