Updating the Wix Owner App

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Update the Wix Owner app so you never miss new feature releases. There are a variety of benefits to having the latest version of the app, such as improved functionality, bug fixes and a seamless user experience.
We recommend updating every Wix app you install on your mobile device to their latest versions (Spaces by Wix, Fit by Wix, and Dine by Wix). 

Updating your Wix Owner app

Update your Wix Owner app to the latest version. When you have most recent app version, you can enjoy new features and capabilities to help turn your site visitors into members.

To update your Wix Owner app:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store (on iPhone) or Google Play (on Android).
  2. Search for 'Wix Owner app'.
    Tip: You can search for other Wix apps (Spaces by Wix, Fit by Wix, and Dine by Wix) to update them as well.
  3. Tap Update (if available).
    Note: If no update is available, it means you already have the most up to date version and you can tap Open to access the app.
A screenshot of the Apple App store searching for Wix app.


Click a question to learn more about updating your Wix Owner app.

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