Signing In to the Wix Mobile Apps

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The sign in process is identical across all the Wix mobile apps (except Branded App by Wix). Members can choose to sign in through a third-party login or with their email address. Third-party logins (or social logins) simplify the sign in process and use information from social networking sites.

To sign in to the Wix mobile apps:

  1. Open the Wix mobile app you want to sign in to.
  2. Choose a method for signing in:
The Wix mobile apps are supported on the following devices and browsers: 

Operating systems:
  • iPhone: iOS 12 and above (iPhone 6 and above)
  • Android: 6.0 and above

  • Google Chrome 
  • Safari 
Learn more about social login privacy with Google, Facebook, and Apple.  

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