Signing In to the Wix Mobile Apps

The sign in process is identical across all the Wix mobile apps (except Branded App by Wix). Members can choose to sign in through a third-party login or with their email address. Third-party logins (or social logins) simplify the sign in process and use information from social networking sites.

To sign in to the Wix mobile apps:

  1. Open the Wix mobile app you want to sign in to.
  2. Choose a method for signing in:
The Wix mobile apps are supported on the following devices and browsers: 

Operating systems:
  • iPhone: iOS 12 and above (iPhone 6 and above)
  • Android: 6.0 and above

  • Google Chrome 
  • Safari 
Learn more about social login privacy with Google, Facebook, and Apple.  

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