Unable to Sign In to Your Wix Account: Apple Login

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When first using Apple Login to access your Wix account, Apple ID gives you the option to either:
  • Use your existing Apple email address to provide your identity
  • Use an Apple generated email address to provide your identity. Learn more
Your account recovery path will depend on which of these options you have used.
To Recover Your Apple Login Information. Use the option that best describes your Apple login issue:

Lost Access to Password

If you used your Apple email address when you signed in, and have lost access to your password or device, click the Forgot Password link in the Wix Sign In window. An email with a link to set a new password will be sent to you.

Lost Access to Apple Generated Email Address

If you have used an Apple generated email address, and have lost access to the details, you will need to manage your Apple ID to recover access. 
Once you have recovered access to your Apple generated email address, you will be able to sign into your Wix account.
Accounts created with an Apple generated email address will have automated emails, from Wix, forwarded to the email address that is associated with their Apple ID account.

Lost Access to Existing Apple ID

If you cannot access the email account associated with your Wix account, and have used your existing Apple ID, please fill out our ownership verification form.
Make sure to fill out the entire form (even if you're not completely sure of the answers), and add a detailed explanation of your case, so we can properly verify the site or domain. Don't forget to provide us with a valid contact email so we can respond to you.
Our team will analyze and review your request. We'll contact you if any further information is required for the verification process. 

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