Wix Video: Troubleshooting Issues when Uploading Videos

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Videos can fail to upload for different reasons, including incompatible file type or encoding issues. 
Currently, we only support bulk uploads of up to 3 videos at a time.

Common issues when uploading your video

  • Export video in the right format. If you are using video editing software, use the YouTube export settings to export your file, this should ensure a successful upload. 
  • Use recommended formats. Wix Video supports many video formats, but some work better than others. We recommend uploading mp4 or .mov files, encoded with the h264 codec. 
  • Check internet connection for slow upload. The upload time depends on your internet connection and your service provider. Try restarting your modem and router and make sure your computer doesn't go into "sleep mode". If it is in sleep mode, try uploading the file again. 
  • Check browser settings. Check if your browser is updated to the latest version, try using a different browser, and check whether you have any add-ons that may slow down the upload. 
  • Remove any privacy settings: You must remove the privacy on the platform's end. For example, if you are using YouTube you need to turn off all the privacy settings from your YouTube account, so it can be added to Wix. Videos with Privacy settings will not properly display, and play properly. Learn More.
Video settings: 
  • Compression Type: H.264
  • Frame Rate: 30 is preferred. 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 are also acceptable
  • Data Rate: Automatic
  • Key Frames: Automatic
  • Frame Reordering: Unchecked
  • Supported files: You can upload all popular video formats (Mov, Quicktime, AVI, MP4). Your video is automatically transcoded into MPEG4 (containing H.264 codec) and WEBM formats. 
Audio or sound settings:
  • Format: AAC
  • Audio and video sync issues: When editing, make sure your audio and video tracks are the same length. For example, if your audio plays for 50 seconds but your video only plays for 40 seconds, it could cause sync problems.

If the issue persists after the troubleshooting steps taken, please provide us with the affected video file. Upload your file to Google Drive or Dropbox and add a download link to your next reply.
Please make sure that the link is public. 

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