Static vs. Dynamic Sites

1 min read
By default, Wix sites are static. You control the content that appears on your live site by editing the elements (e.g. text, images, buttons) that appear in your Editor. 
Wix sites have a limit of 100 static pages. So dynamic pages are a handy solution to this limitation. Learn how dynamic pages can help you create a site with unlimited content.
You can add the CMS (Content Management System) to your site to create dynamic pages and dynamic elements (e.g. galleries, repeaters, tables). Dynamic pages and elements allow you to easily manage and update your site's content without needing to edit each page and element individually. They get their content from collections you store in the CMS separately from your Editor. 

Dynamic pages and elements maintain the same layout and design while their content changes based on their connected collection items. You can use them to allow visitors with permissions to update and filter the content they see. You can also capture visitor submissions to your collections with input elements (e.g. text inputs, dropdown menus, upload buttons).