Spaces App: Allowing Visitors to Search for Your Site

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Help people who are using the Spaces App discover your site by enabling the site search feature. This is powerful way to enhance visibility, boosting the chances of people joining your site.
Visitors can conveniently search for your site by name or URL, either on the invite code screen or the home screen. This allows them to easily find and add your site to their list. 
You can enable or disable this function from your dashboard or from the Wix Owner app.
Owner app
  1. Go to Mobile App in your site's dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to Growth and marketing tools.
  3. Click Enable Search under Site search.
  4. Enable the Allow site search toggle to allow people to find your site.
A screenshot of the Allow site search toggle in a site's dashboard.
Encourage your members to download the Spaces App by enabling the mobile web banner.

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