Recommended Scheduling Apps

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Scheduling apps allow your clients to book appointments, and join classes directly from your site. This saves you from booking these appointments yourself on the phone or in person. 

Wix Bookings

Wix Bookings offers a comprehensive scheduling solution that allows clients to book different kinds of services. Whether you and your staff offer full courses, classes, one-on-one session for free or for a fee, you can handle it all in Wix Bookings. Learn More about Wix's Online Booking System.
screenshot of a session booking panel on a wix site

Wix Events

Create and display events, sell tickets, collect RSVPs, send invitations, and manage your guest list using Wix Events. Organize weddings, conferences, shows, parties, and more. Learn More 
screenshot of an event banner on a wix site

Other scheduling apps:

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