Pricing Plans: About the "My Rewards" Page

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The My Rewards page is where your loyalty program members keep track of their points and rewards. 

Improve customer loyalty

A visitor signing up to be member of your site or loyalty program has access to their own personal My Rewards page when they log in. The more actions they take, such as purchasing memberships or packages, the more points they earn. Make sure to clearly present rewards information to your loyalty program members, so you can grow your business.

Encourage repeat business

Once a client has enough points to redeem an award, they receive an email notification. They can then check the reward on their My Rewards page on your site. When they see the extra value they can get from your program, they are more likely to purchase more packages and plans from you.
When they redeem their points next to the relevant reward they receive a coupon code. They can then copy that code and apply it at checkout to redeem their reward.

Grow new areas of your business

As your business grows, you can offer new incentives as part of your loyalty program. This is a great way to promote new services by offering discounts. Or you can boost your branding through discounted merchandise for Loyalty program members.

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