Pausing a Google Ads Campaign

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You can pause a campaign at any time. As soon as you pause the following changes happen:
  • Auto renew is turned off for your subscription
  • Your ad is no longer shown on Google
  • Your remaining ad credits remain in your account
When you are ready to resume your campaign you have two options:
  1. Resume and turn on auto renew: Your campaign resumes with the remaining ad credits and your Google Ads with Wix subscription turns on again (as long as you are within the current cycle). At the start of next month, your subscription renews.
    Note: If your subscription is expired when you resume your campaign, you can purchase a new one. Your remaining ad credit will rollover.
  1. Resume with the remaining ad credits until the current subscription expires: If you don't want to renew your subscription after your current one expires, you have the option of resuming your campaign using only your remaining ad credits. The campaign continues to run until there isn't enough ad credit for another day. Once the subscription expires, it does not renew.
Any Google Ads credits that have an expiry date may expire while the campaign is paused.

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