Manually Adding Contacts

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Manually add anyone to your Contact List. These could be people you plan to do business with, subscribers for your email campaigns or customers you meet in person.

To manually add a contact:

  1. Go to your Contact List
  2. Click New Contact at the top right.
  3. Enter the contact's first and last name, email address, phone and physical address.
    Note: Where a contact has more than one email address or phone number, their Primary email or Primary phone will receive all communications. Any additional email address or phone numbers are stored for your reference.
  4. (Optional) Click the expand arrow next to the Primary email field to select a subscription status:
A screenshot of the drop-down to change a contact's subscription status.
  1. (Optional) Click Add New Field to add more fields. You can choose one of the existing additional fields or create a custom one:
    • Additional fields: Select a field in the drop-down menu to add it to your contact. 
    • Custom fields: 
      1. Click Custom Field
      2. Click the Field Type drop-down menu to select the relevant type of information: Text, number, date or URL. 
      3. Enter the new field's name. 
      4. Click Add.
  2. Click Save.
What's next?
Access your new contact's Contact Card by selecting their name in the Contact List. From here you can add labels, upload attachments and add notes and tasks about this contact.

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