Managing Reviews in Google Business Profile

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When your business is verified on Google, you can respond to your customer reviews. Your responses will be visible directly below the review, labelled "Response from the owner." You can see and edit reviews in Wix and on Google Maps, and potential customers can also see your responses.

In this article we'll show you how to:

Managing Google Reviews

You can reply to Google reviews, edit your reviews if you make a mistake or wish to add more information, or delete your reply if you need to start over.

To manage your reviews:

  1. Go to Marketing & SEO in your Wix site's dashboard.
  2. Click Google Business Profile on the left menu.
  3. Click Manage Reviews.
  4. Choose an action below:

Reporting Inappropriate Google Reviews

Google filters and removes spam reviews to make sure reviews are appropriate and authentic. This is to make sure that reviews accurately represent the business in question. 

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