Handling Chargebacks from Your Customers

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A chargeback is when your customer requests their credit card company to return the funds of a payment. This usually occurs when they don't recognize the payment, or when there was an issue with your goods/services - either defective, not as described, or not delivered at all.    
Unlike a regular refund request, where it's just between you and the customer, a chargeback also involves your payment provider, banks and other payment networks (e.g. Visa, MasterCard).
If you receive a chargeback, you may incur a chargeback fee from your payment provider.
Chargeback visible in payments page,
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Learn how to handle and dispute a chargeback from your account. 

Filing a Dispute Against a Chargeback

In most cases, your customer's credit card company automatically reimburses them for the payment. As the merchant, you have the option to dispute the chargeback if you have documents proving the validity of the payment. If you use Wix Payments to process your payments, you can dispute the chargeback directly from your Wix Payments dashboard. 
If you win the dispute, the funds for the payment are returned to your account. If your customer wins, they simply keep the funds that were already transferred to them. If Wix Payments is your payment provider, your chargeback fee is also returned to your account following a dispute win. 
If you're accepting payments using a third-party provider, you may not see the Chargeback status in the Payments page in your site's dashboard. You should get in touch with the relevant provider to understand how to handle this chargeback. 
Submitting a dispute through a third-party provider may incur extra fees. We recommend checking with them before disputing a chargeback. 
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