Wix Video: Errors when Uploading from Wix Video to Facebook

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Check out this list of solutions if you come across any snags when uploading videos from Wix Video to Facebook. 
  • To learn more about Facebook's general uploading policies, click here.
  • Your video can up to 120 minutes long or 4 GB, whichever limit you hit first.
Check out this list of error messages and potential solutions:
Error Message:What you can do:
Facebook is experiencing an issue, try again later.
Come back and try again later.
This video file is too big for Facebook, try a different file.
Keep your video under 120 minutes and 4 GB.
Looks like this file is empty, upload a different file.
Make sure your file is playable and not corrupted.
This video was moved or deleted during upload.
Your file must remain in your Video Library until the uploading process is complete.
This file was not uploaded. Try again.
Try uploading your video again. If the problem persists, please contact support.

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