Email Marketing: Creating a Campaign in the Wix Owner App

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Create an email campaign for subscribers while on the go with the Wix Owner app. Customize your campaign using all the same elements you use when creating on a desktop, including updating the email's background, image and text. You can also send a test email to make sure the campaign looks great from a mobile device.

To create an email campaign in the Wix Owner app:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage at the bottom.
  3. Tap Email Marketing under Branding & Marketing.
  4. Tap an existing template to choose it for your campaign or swipe through the options and tap Start from Scratch at the end.
  5. Customize the campaign using the available options.
    • Change the background color:
      • Tap Background to update the background color of the email.
    • Customize the email content:
      1. Tap the Add  icon.
      2. Choose an element to add to your email. To learn more about the different elements click here.
    • Preview your email:
      • Tap Preview & Test to see how your email looks on mobile.
    • Send a test email:
      1. Tap Preview & Test.
      2. Tap Send Test at the top right.
      3. Enter an email address that should receive the test email under Send To.
      4. Tap Send at the top right.
  1. When you're finished creating your campaign tap Next at the top left.
  2. Choose how to publish your email:
    • Send to Contacts: The campaign is sent to specific recipients from your contact list.
      1. Tap Send to Contacts.
      2. Tap Add next to Recipients to add contacts or email addresses who will receive the email marketing campaign.
      3. (Optional): Edit the email details such as subject line and From Name.
      4. Tap Send Campaign.
    • Publish on Social: Share the email campaign on a social media platform.
      1. Tap Publish on Social.
      2. Tap Share Now.
      3. Choose a social app and follow the instructions to share on that platform.
If you decide you're not ready to send the campaign it is automatically saved in your Drafts tab.

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